Firm Profile

Founded in 1976 to meet the needs of the project and manufacturing company in the heat and energy sector, the itimat boiler company has delivered trouble-free, environmentally-conscious, economic and quality products to its customers.

In line with this aim, it has been awarded the TSE quality award by developing innovative products in its own R & D unit.

At the beginning of the nineties, in order to meet the low and medium sized steam flow (100-3000 kg/h) needs of the industrial facilities, it redesigned the gas, oil and also electrical fired steam generators to the use of industrial facilities in accordance with the conditions of our country.

During this time, the product quality has been excellent with the experiences gained in different industrial plants both at domestic and worldwide.

 In line with the needs of our users, our R & D centre has renewed the design and equipment of the steam generator and integrated the user-friendly microprocessor control panel into liquid-gas fuel and electric steam generators.

Finally, we provide service to our valuable customers with our Steamon global brand in steam generators to be used in domestic and abroad.

We would like to announce to our esteemed customers that Itimat Boiler Company will continue with the Steamon brand in its steam generator product range in its quality manufacturing journey that started in 1976.

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