Steam is Used in Many Areas

“For the last 300 years the world has been powered by steam engines, of all shapes and sizes.”

Harnessing steam to power machines is what took industry from being animal driven to new heights of power.


Some museums of industries are explaining the steam engines functional and inherent benefits.

These days, steam is used in many areas such as hospitals use steam for the sterilisation of medical instruments so plays a vital role in our healthcare.

Steam is used to dry concrete in cold climates. The construction is finished in a shorter time.

Everything that’s around us is reliant on steam. Because of 80% of the world’s electricity is generated by the ultimate form of steam engine – the steam turbine.

“Without steam, we wouldn’t have an electric light bulb. The world would be a dark place.

From the clothes you’re wearing, to the food you eat and the medicines that keep us in good health. Even the furniture you sit on and tyres on your cars are moulded by steam. Did you know that steam plays an important role in the production of Formula 1 cars and space rockets?

Without steam, modern life would be nowhere near to how we know it today.

Itimat boiler knows this only too well as a modern-day manufacturer and supplier of steam boilers to industries that produce the end consumer products we use in our everyday lives.

A few examples of the many industries using steam to create the everyday products we take for granted






Laundry services


Dry cleaning






Dairy farm

Drink bottle

Concrete industries

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