Advantages of Using Steam Generator and Economiser for Process
Advantages of Using Steam Generator and Economiser for Process:

In some processes, using a steam generator instead of a steam boiler provides fuel economy with 5-10% depending on the type of operation.
The efficiency of modern design steam generators is 90-92%. The efficiency of the steam generators installed with economizer varies between 95-98%.
Depending on the increase in efficiency, less fuel is used for the same capacity or more heat is produced for the same amount of fuel.
It is the most economical solution for businesses that want to reduce manufacturing costs due to the high fuel prices.

Economizer is used as follows with Steam Generators:

In the preheating of the feed water. Especially in some processes that do not have condensate return, as a result of the preheating of the feed water, there will be an efficiency increase of approximately 48-50%.

To meet the heat requirement of the condensate tank or deaerator.

In heating the hot water used for any purpose in the facility, (pool, tank, etc.)

In heating or heat supplement of heating system water used to heat any place in the facility.
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