Clean (Hygienic) Steam Generator

Clean (hygienic) steam is defined as dry but not superheated saturated steam produced from pure water, free from non-condensing gases.

It is essential to use pure steam when the condensate that occurs as a result of steam or condensation comes into direct or indirect contact with the product in pharmaceutical process, food production or sterilization.

For this reason, pure steam generators are ideal heat transfer devices for sterilization and / or sanitation processes in the pharmaceutical industry, autoclaves, tanks, reactors, pipes or humidifying clean rooms.

This type of steam generators are designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the customers.

Clean steam generators are suitable for hygienic saturated steam production and are made of AISI 316 stainless chrome steel material. All surfaces in contact with water and steam are stainless chrome steel. It is produced in accordance with the 2014/68 / EU Ped directive.

Pumps, valves and control elements are selected from stainless steel chrome material.


The initial investment cost is more economical than the indirect steam generator.

Easy and fast installation. It does not need a chimney and fuel system.

It does not contain waste gas as a result of environmentally friendly steam production.

100% efficient heat loss is very low.

Pure, hygienic (clean) steam guarantee as it is not affected by corrosion.

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