An economizer is a type of heat exchanger that takes the audible and latent heat of waste gases from a boiler or steam generator and transfers it to water or air through pipes. The temperatures of waste gases from boilers or steam generators are generally 50-60 oC higher than operating temperatures.

As the boiler operating temperature and the resulting flue gas exit temperature increase, the amount of energy released to the environment via flue gases also increases. Economizers transfer this waste heat to the water circulating within them. The recovered heat can be used for boiler feedwater or for heating, domestic hot water, textile washing, pool heating, and other purposes.

Itimat-brand economizers increase the efficiency of boilers and systems by using waste heat energy emitted from the chimney, reducing fuel consumption and providing fuel savings. This feature helps to conserve energy and natural resources.

By using an Itimat economizer, boiler or system efficiency can be increased by between 5% and 10%, depending on the boiler flue gas exit temperature and the type of fuel used. This increase in efficiency results in less fuel consumption for the same capacity or more heat production for the same amount of fuel.

Economizer installation on low-efficiency boilers can bring the boiler capacity and efficiency up to optimal levels. If the waste heat from the flue gas is given to the boiler feedwater in a steam boiler, thermal shocks to the boiler can be avoided, and the boiler efficiency can be brought to an optimum level, especially in processes without condensate return.

Another benefit of using an economizer in a steam boiler is that it allows the boiler to operate without strain under heavy loads, better adapt to different loads, and maintain relatively high boiler efficiency under different loads.


Steamon-brand economizers are specially designed and manufactured from seamless steel drawn or stainless steel pipes, flat-tube, U-tube, spiral-tube, helix-tube or finned-tube according to operating pressure, fuel type, temperature, pollution status of gas, operating conditions, layout, and other factors. Economizers are insulated with aluminum, stainless or galvanized sheet metal along with rock wool insulation as per customer requirements. Condensing economizers should be designed and manufactured from stainless steel drawn pipes to be corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

Water-side pressure drop is important in the design of the economizer used in the steam boiler. This aspect should be considered in the design of the economizer. The boiler feedwater pump for the steam boiler should be selected according to the economizer design and pressure drop.

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