Steam Generators

Design of Steam Generators:

Design of steam generator is configured with a focus on low emissions, high steam quality and optimum energy efficiency.

Thanks to an ideal ratio between water content and steam dome, Steamon generators are optimized in their design for rapid heating and a drier steam quality. Distribution of ideal temperature and release of vapor bubbles enables the steam generators to be operated very efficiently even during periods of peak loads.

Compared to other steam generator designs, the Steamon’s design with its large steam dome minimizes high-water shutdowns and water entrainment. Our intelligent design and automation of whole system also enables the steam generator to react particularly quickly and reliably to load peaks.

Steamon Steam Generators has TSE and CE quality certificate with over 45 years manufacturing experience.

The steam generator is type-tested and is manufactured to the strict guidelines of the Module B+D Quality Assurance System of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

With 16 different capacity ranges from 100 kg/h to 3000 kg/h, it offers the most suitable solution for different productions. They are compact, economical and have a high output.

Steamon Steam Generators; Thanks to its special design, it takes up less space, and with good insulation, heat loss is minimal.

It meets the needs of your plant by producing dry steam by reaching full capacity in a short time. It is highly efficient and fully automatic.

Steamon steam generators operate smoothly for years and have low operating costs for a lifetime. It is easy to maintain and operate. It is not easily affected by hard and calcic water like spiral water tube type steam generators.

Application Areas of Steam Generators:

Steamon Steam Generators are an ideal steam generator for all type of industry that use steam such as textile, hospital, hotel, laundry, kitchen, dry cleaning, food, agriculture, chemistry, paint, medicine, leather, canned food, dairy, beverage bottling, concrete industries and smaller industries.

Fuel Saving in Steam Generators:

The integrated economizer has a direct influence on energy efficiency. The heat in the waste gases is used for preheating the feed water of steam generator, and it is therefore recovered which reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

There is no need to manually feeding the coil for minutes, such as water tube steam generators. It works automatically with a single button and generates steam in a short time (Rapidly start up).

Automation of Steam Generator:

Thanks to the microprocessor on the control panel, the water level regulator and the minimum level probes are controlled every second to prevent the water level from falling below a defined limit. At low water level the burner stops and sound the alarm.

Steamon steam generators are controlled by signals from temperatures of flue gas and steam digital thermostats against high temperature. The working pressure is limited by pressure switches against high pressure.

Level electrodes, water level regulator and level gauge prevent water level from falling below a certain limit.

There are two safety valves on the steam generator for mechanical pressure control.

It can be programmed daily or monthly with touch screen, PLC controlled, processor.


Equipment of Steam Generators:

The Steamon steam generator is supplied as a complete, fully equipped unit. This includes a low-emission burner, feeding pump, control equipment and valves, control board and feding tank station with water softener unit.


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