Electrical Steam Generator

Electrical Steam Generators:
In applications where electric power is more economically available than fossil fuels, or where fossil fuel combustion and the handling of combustion by-products are unacceptable, electrical steam generators offer a viable alternative.

Steamon manufactures a complete line of electric steam generator from 10 kW to 500 kW up to 6 bars for heating and process applications. Custom units are also available up to 10 bars.

Steamon’s vertical design is a fully packaged steam generator produce to CE and TSE specifications and applicable standards and codes. They are very efficient because the heating elements are totally immersed in water and the pressure vessel is fully insulated. Radiation losses are minimal. With a carefully calculated heat-to-steam ratio, operating pressures are achieved quickly with maximum efficiency. 

Steamon Electrical steam generators have no wasted fuel going out the stack as associated with fossil fuels; therefore, electrical steam generators are environmentally friendly. No NOx (nitrogen oxides) are being transmitted to the atmosphere.

The smaller dimensions reduce the overall boiler room space.

No Stack with any products of combustion to contend with, installation costs are reduced by the elimination of stack requirements. This means the unit can be located anywhere in the building and the exterior of the building is not compromised with an unsightly stack, particularly helpful in tall or high rise buildings.

No Emissions because there is no combustion, steamon electrical steam generators are 100% emission free. This is beneficial in meeting total emissions of the project site or in areas where fuel combustion emissions are not tolerated.

Quiet Operation Elimination of combustion noise and minimal moving parts results in extremely quiet operation, virtually no noise emissions. Very beneficial in applications such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and the like.

High Efficiency With minimum radiation losses and not having the losses associated with combustion equipment the electric steam generator will provide nearly 100% efficiency at all operating points.


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